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Syngonium Confetti Tricolor

Syngonium Confetti Tricolor

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Syngonium Confetti Tricolor: A Playful Party in Every Leaf

Liven up your space with the Syngonium Confetti Tricolor, a houseplant guaranteed to bring a smile with its playful foliage. This easy-to-grow vining plant is perfect for beginner plant parents.

Confetti of Colors:

  • Unique Variegation: Each leaf on the Confetti Tricolor is a unique masterpiece splashed with shades of light green, creamy white, and pops of pink. Higher light can enhance the vibrant colors, while lower light will make the pink tones stand out more.
  • Vining Wonder: This Syngonium features a trailing growth habit, making it ideal for cascading over shelves or training to climb a moss pole.
  • Easy on the Upkeep: A low-maintenance plant, the Confetti Tricolor thrives with moderate watering and indirect sunlight.

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with the captivating Syngonium Confetti Tricolor!

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