Become a Gotcha Plants Stockist

Do you share our passion for unique and exciting plants? Are you interested in offering your customers a range of captivating carnivorous plants? Gotcha Plants is looking for enthusiastic retailers to join our network of stockists!

We offer a diverse selection of well-established Nepenthes, Venus Flytraps, Sarracenia, Sundews, and Bladderworts, all meticulously cultivated with the utmost care. Our plants are healthy, vibrant, and sure to capture the imagination of your customers.

Benefits of Being a Gotcha Plants Stockist:

  • Competitive wholesale pricing on a wide variety of popular carnivorous plants.
  • Access to expert advice and ongoing support from our team of carnivorous plant enthusiasts.

To Apply:

We are seeking reliable and passionate retailers who can provide a healthy environment for our plants. Email us to apply and become a Gotcha Plants stockist!

Let's cultivate a thriving future for carnivorous plants together