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Nepenthes 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria ' (Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria’), 100mm

Nepenthes 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria ' (Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria’), 100mm

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Nepenthes ‘Rafflesiana x Ampullaria’

Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria' (Hybrid Pitcher Plant)

Cultivate a captivating carnivore with the Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria', a stunning hybrid known for its unique beauty! This vigorous cross combines the best characteristics of its parent plants, Nepenthes rafflesiana and Nepenthes ampullaria, resulting in a must-have for any plant enthusiast.

The true star of the show is the mesmerizing pitchers. These alluring traps come in a variety of captivating colors, depending on the specific cultivar. Some boast vibrant reds and purples, while others showcase a delightful combination of creamy yellow with burgundy speckles and stripes. The peristome (the rim) often adds another layer of interest with contrasting hues. The foliage complements the pitchers perfectly, with lush green leaves that may have hints of red for a truly mesmerizing display.

Nepenthes 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria' thrives in lowland conditions, making it a popular choice for hobbyists. This easy to moderate care carnivorous plant flourishes in bright, indirect light with consistently high humidity.

Here's why you'll love Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria':

  • Variable Coloration: Offers a range of captivating pitcher colors, from vibrant reds to creamy yellows with speckles
  • Lowland Nepenthes: Ideal for most indoor growing environments
  • Carnivorous Wonder: Traps and digests insects, adding a fascinating element to your plant collection
  • Easy to Moderate Care: Requires consistent moisture, well-draining soil, and bright indirect light
  • Vigorous Climber: Needs support to climb and showcase its full potential

Add a touch of the exotic and fascinating to your home with the captivating Pitcher Plant 'Rafflesiana x Ampullaria' !

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