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Nepenthes 'mirabilis var globosa / ‘Viking’' (Pitcher Plant 'mirabilis var globosa / ‘Viking’ '), 140 mm

Nepenthes 'mirabilis var globosa / ‘Viking’' (Pitcher Plant 'mirabilis var globosa / ‘Viking’ '), 140 mm

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The Alluring Predator: Nepenthes 'Mirabilis var. Globosa' (Viking)

Unleash the captivating beauty and predatory prowess of the Nepenthes 'Mirabilis var. Globosa,' also known as the Viking! This captivating carnivorous plant will enthrall you with its unique form and insect-trapping abilities.

A Showstopper in Every Way: The Viking boasts stunning, deep red, squat pitchers with wide wings. These mesmerizing traps are truly eye-catching, adding a touch of the exotic to any indoor space. As the pitchers mature, their color and shape can change slightly, offering a dynamic display.

Double Duty: Beauty and Brains: Beyond its captivating looks, the Viking is a cunning predator. The vibrant red color and sweet nectar of the pitchers lure unsuspecting insects like flies and gnats. Once inside the trap, the slippery surface and digestive fluids ensure their capture, providing the plant with essential nutrients.

A Rewarding Companion: This Nepenthes is a great choice for beginners and experienced growers alike. Known for its adaptability, it tolerates a wider range of humidity and temperatures compared to some Nepenthes varieties.

Lowland Delight: This Nepenthes thrives in warm, humid environments, making it perfect for terrariums or hanging baskets. As a lowland Nepenthes, it prefers slightly warmer temperatures compared to highland varieties. With proper care, your Viking may even reward you with unique yellowish-brown blooms throughout the year.

Bring a touch of the exotic and the extraordinary into your home. Order your Nepenthes 'Mirabilis var. Globosa' (Viking) today!

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