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Nepenthes 'Ventricosa Hot Lips' (Pitcher Plant 'Ventricosa Hot Lips'), 100mm

Nepenthes 'Ventricosa Hot Lips' (Pitcher Plant 'Ventricosa Hot Lips'), 100mm

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Sizzle and Devour: Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips, the Alluring Carnivore

Spice up your plant life with the captivating Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips! This mesmerizing carnivorous plant boasts a fiery contrast of colors, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Striking Beauty: Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips is a captivating hybrid, combining the best features of Nepenthes ventricosa and possibly Nepenthes sibuyanensis. It's known for its stunning pitchers that showcase a vibrant contrast. The pitcher body itself is a rich green, while the peristome (the rim) explodes with a deep, mesmerizing red. These eye-catching traps dangle enticingly from slender tendrils, creating a truly unique display.

Double the Threat: Beyond its captivating looks, Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips is a cunning predator. The peristome's vibrant red color and sweet nectar lure unsuspecting insects like flies and gnats. Once inside the pitcher, the slippery surface and digestive fluids trap the prey, providing the plant with vital nutrients.

Easy Care Appeal: This Nepenthes is a great choice for both beginners and experienced carnivorous plant enthusiasts. It's known for its adaptability to varying degrees of humidity and temperatures. It will tolerate a wide range of potting mixtures, humidity and light levels, making it easier to care for than some Nepenthes varieties.

Lowland Majesty: This Nepenthes thrives in warm, humid environments, making it perfect for terrariums or hanging baskets. As a lowland Nepenthes, it prefers slightly warmer temperatures compared to highland varieties. With proper care, Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips can reward you with year-round blooms, producing clusters of unique flowers.

Bring a touch of the exotic and a dash of danger to your home. Order your Nepenthes Ventricosa Hot Lips today!

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