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Nepenthes 'mirabilis (Asian Form)' (Pitcher Plant 'mirabilis (Asian Form)'), 140 mm

Nepenthes 'mirabilis (Asian Form)' (Pitcher Plant 'mirabilis (Asian Form)'), 140 mm

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The Widespread Wonder: Nepenthes 'Mirabilis' (Asian Form)

Embrace the diversity of the carnivorous world with the Nepenthes 'Mirabilis' (Asian Form)! This adaptable and fascinating pitcher plant is a perfect introduction to the genus, showcasing the remarkable variability of Nepenthes mirabilis.

A Species of Many Faces: Nepenthes mirabilis boasts incredible variation across its range in Southeast Asia and Australia. The Asian Form represents the classic characteristics of the species, with tall, slender pitchers that can reach up to 20cm in height. The colors can range from green to reddish-brown, with speckles and spots adding to their unique charm.

More Than Just a Flytrap: While the Nepenthes 'Mirabilis' (Asian Form) may not have the showstopping colors of some hybrids, its beauty lies in its natural elegance. Like all Nepenthes, it functions as a cunning predator. The pitchers utilize a combination of vibrant colors, sweet scents, and a slippery surface to lure and trap insects, providing the plant with vital nutrients.

Adaptable for Beginners: This Nepenthes is a great choice for beginners due to its tolerance for a wider range of humidity and temperatures compared to some Nepenthes varieties. It thrives in warm, humid environments, making it perfect for terrariums or hanging baskets.

A Journey into Carnivorous Botany: Owning a Nepenthes 'Mirabilis' (Asian Form) allows you to experience firsthand the fascinating adaptations of carnivorous plants. Witness the unique pitcher development, observe the ingenious insect-trapping mechanisms, and appreciate the diverse forms this remarkable species can take.

Embrace the wonder of Nepenthes mirabilis! Order your Asian Form today and embark on a journey into the world of carnivorous plants!

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